Arrow Transport

The relationship between Teamsters Local 213 and Arrow Transport has developed into a partnership in all senses of the word. See the feature story in Today’s Teamsters 213.

Kitimat Modernization Project

Over 100 Teamsters Local 213 members are working at Rio Tinto’s Kitimat Modernization Project and the backup tunnel that will house another turbine for the aluminum smelter upgrade. The company is talking about doubling the workforce and that will mean work for even more Teamsters.

Coca-Cola Plants in B.C.

Hundreds of Teamster Local 213 members work at Coca-Cola plants in the province. The Teamsters working in production, maintenance, merchandizing, warehousing and delivery at the production plant in Richmond prepare 30 flavours of products in over 80 different packages, which represents 11% of the total Coke products sold in Canada. Those items are brought by … Read More

Tree Island Industries

Tree Island Industries, in Richmond, manufactures farm fencing, game fencing like you see along the Coquihalla Highway, cement mesh and reinforced mesh used to shore walls in mines. Its products are in use throughout North America. “There’s a good chance that the nails you’ve used in a home renovation have been made by Teamster members,” said Secretary … Read More

Shop steward seminars

Shop steward seminars were held this fall in Kelowna and Vancouver. This year’s training topics included: a pension plan update pension plan invesments grievance investigations, presentations and settlement social media and the workplace (or How not to be a Twit online)  


A union shop for Teamster members The Richmond IKEA store is a union shop. The 330 “co-workers” in receiving, cash, sales, housekeeping, operations, safety and security, carts, returns, service and the restaurant are members of Teamsters Local 213. You’re supporting your union brothers and sisters when you shop at the Richmond store. The only other … Read More

Cloverdale Paint

Cloverdale Paint, a 100% Canadian manufacturer, and 53 Teamsters Local 213 members are creating products that are at the forefront of paint and coating technology. Everyone is committed to reducing or eliminating any harmful impact on the environment from the products and their manufacture. Teamsters work in the lab, factory and warehouse. Products are changing all … Read More

Waneta Dam

Members of Teamsters Local 213, in construction and living in the Kootenays, are working on the expansion of the Waneta Dam on the Pend d’Oreille River south of Trail. The creation of a second powerhouse, expected to be completed in 2015, will generate power from flow that would otherwise be spilled. All construction workers are … Read More

Gallery collections

Teamsters at work at many different sites. Here’s a look behind the scenes. Click on the images to see more. (Also see Today’s Teamsters Winter 2019 for feature article) (Also see Today’s Teamsters Summer 2019 for feature article) (Also see Today’s Teamsters Summer 2018 for feature article) (Also see Today’s Teamsters Fall 2017 for feature … Read More