Local 213 Secretary Treasurer responds to Vancouver Sun IKEA article

Letter for Publication

Vancouver Sun

Dear Editor;

Re: Ikea must not punish loyal workers, by Susan Martinuk, March 24, 2014;

Ms. Martinuk’s article exhibits a marked lack of understanding of the dynamics
of collective bargaining under the B.C. Labour Code. Opinion should be based on
facts, not bias.  If she understood the differences between Canada Labour
Code disputes like the Rocky Mountaineer and provincial disputes under the B.C.
Labour Code like Ikea Richmond she might begin to comprehend how the balance of
employer, employee and trade union rights works. Teamsters Local Union No. 213
is based on democratic principles where the vast majority of its members
respect and abide by majority decisions.

Walter Canta, Principal Officer Secretary Treasurer, Teamsters Local
Union No. 213, Vancouver

Telephone 604-876-5213

Opinion: IKEA must not punish loyal workers

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