Workers’ Advisers Office (WAO)

The Workers’ Advisers Office (WAO) provides free advice and assistance to workers and their dependants on disagreements they may have with WorkSafeBC decisions.  WAO operates independently of WorkSafeBC.

When to contact WAO:

  • You receive a decision from WorkSafeBC about a claim for compensation but disagree with it and want advice and assistance on a potential appeal.
  • WorkSafeBC refused or failed to provide you with a decision on an issue of entitlement under the Workers Compensation Act.
  • You raised an issue of health and safety in the workplace and your employer took some action, or failed to take some action, that adversely affected your terms of employment or membership in a union.
  • WorkSafeBC declined to accept your claim for “Discriminatory Action” (see 3 and 4 above) under sections 150 & 151 of the Workers Compensation Act.

Vancouver / Lower Mainland

500 – 8100 Granville Avenue
Richmond, BC V6Y 3T6
Phone: 604 713-0360
Fax: 604 713-0311
Toll Free: 1 800 663-4261

For additional locations in BC, click on the following link: