Dues Office

Call the Dues Office if:

  • you have a question regarding your monthly union dues, or if
  • you’re leaving the industry

To contact the dues office, call 604-876-5213 or email.

Out-of-work dues

If you become unemployed, your dues remain your responsibility. Contact our Dues Office to find out about the out-of-work dues rate, or inactivating your membership.

Withdrawal cards

If you no longer wish to be an active member, call our Dues Office and request a withdrawal card. By taking a withdrawal card you are inactivating your membership while in good standing, so if you return to a position with the Teamsters there won’t be any reinitiation costs.

Keep your address and beneficiary up to date

Keeping your address current is very important, otherwise you will miss out on notices, newsletters, receipts, etc. Local 213 provides every active dues paying member with a $2,000 Death Benefit – so it’s important to keep your beneficiary for this up to date.

To change your beneficiary please contact the dues office to request a change of beneficiary card call 604-876-5213 or email.

Please use the form below to send us your new address: 

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