International Brotherhood of Teamsters Nomination Meeting Results

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Nomination Meeting results for the Teamsters Convention
to be held in Las Vegas Nevada, June 28 to July 2, 2021.
Delegates selected are: Walter Canta, Ray Zigmont, Tony Santavenere, Anita Dawson, Rob Moody ,Amneet Sekhon, Anthony Krieger, Kimm Davis, Jason Conway, Jim Loyst, Paul Way

Alternate Delgates: Barry Capozzi, Mike Symons, George Olver, Justin Roylance

Recent Passing of Brothers Doug Payette (Retired Business Agent), Ron Douglas, and Tom Milne (Retired Secretary Treasurer-Local 155)

It is with sadness that we announce the recent passings of three proud Teamster leaders.
Brother Doug Payette passed away suddenly on January 7, 2021. Doug started as a Teamster in Sept. 1984 working for Annacis Auto Terminals.He became a Local 213 Business Agent in Oct. 1991.  Through his time with the Teamsters he also was a Trustee of the Teamsters Local 213 Health & Welfare Plan, Miscellaneous Div., and Recording Secretary on the Local 213 Executive Board.  Doug retired in August 2007. He is survived by his loving wife or 51 years, his four sons and daughters-in-law and his seven grandchildren.
Brother Ron Douglas passed away from cancer at age 78. Ron had served as Director of Research of the Canadian Conference of Teamsters during the period when Senator Edward Lawson was the Canadian Director of our Union, then Executive Director of Louis Lacroix and Robert Bouvier, presidents of Teamsters Canada until 2015.
Brother Tom Milne passed away peacefully January 9, 2021. Tom was a proud Teamster and held the position of Secretary Treasurer for Local 155 for 13 years.

Pipe Line Contractors Association of Canada Student Award Program

Your daughter or son may qualify to receive money towards their education. Applications are being accepted until October 9, 2020. For more information, click here on this award program and other scholarships and bursaries:

Teamsters Joint Council 36 gives back to the community.

In keeping with our long history of giving back to communities in which our  members work and live, the Teamsters Joint Council 36 has made donations to the following charities in order to assist the most vulnerable among us:  Potluck Cafe Society, Quest Food exchange, and the Salvation Army/Union Gospel Mission. The Joint Council thanks these community groups for their continued work during these difficult times.Teamsters Joint Council 36 donation Teamsters Canada Foundation donation Teamsters Canada Foundation Press release

Federal safety guidance to protect drivers and limit the spread of COVID-19 in commercial vehicle operations

How to access your drivers abstracts online

Job postings at Local 213 companies

Basalite Concrete Products: Seasonal Labourer

IKEA: 30 Greeters and  2 Warehouse workers with forklift experience

Tree Island general helper
Site C Lodge positions
Prince George, Class 1 drivers
Kelowna/Kamloops, drivers/technicians
Kelowna, Preloaders
Aquaterra Drivers/Technicians
UPS pre-loaders in Kelowna

Scholarships for academic, training, vocational programs

Oct. 31 deadline Teamsters Canada scholarship

Also see Bursaries for women in trades

Your Teamster Canadian Pension Plan

Short animated videos and other information about how the plan works.

To everyone interested in training

Watch for a personal email about upcoming courses. Make sure we have your email address. Call 604-874-3654 or send an email.

UPS negotiations update links

The U.S. contract does not apply in Canada. We are covered under a separate Canadian contract and the negotiation process for UPS workers is different from the U.S.

Have a problem with WorkSafeBC?

The independent Workers’ Advisers Office provides free advice and assistance to Teamster members.