Another Local 213 scholarship winner

Kayla, daughter of Local 213 member Vince Fazio from
Tree Island Steel and Teamsters VP Tony Santavenere

Kayla was required to submit a statement about the impact of her family’s association with Teamsters Local 213

What has living in a teamster household meant to my siblings and me? Living in a teamster household has provided my brother and I, with a form of security. This security is provided to us through our father’s extended benefits such as health and dental. It has lessened the weight on my parents knowing our health can always be put first, without heavy financial burdens. The security has allowed my parents to dedicate more time to our family and in turn, enabled my brother and I to take any extra curricular opportunities we please. This was partially made possible, thanks to the help of my father’s union and knowing ifI  were to get hurt during my soccer game, my parents will not both be working crazy overtime shifts to cover my medical bills. My dad also had a teamster father, my grandfather, who also worked for Tree Island Steel.