Be Truck Aware

Leave space. Be safe. Be truck aware.

Teamsters Local 213 supports the Be Truck Aware, campaign, a multi-stakeholder initiative in B.C. aimed at raising awareness of the hazards of passenger vehicles and large commercial trucks not sharing the road safely.

Each year in British Columbia, approximately 60 people are killed in traffic crashes involving large commercial vehicles.

Studies show that, in collisions between cars and large trucks, the occupants of the passenger vehicle are at least 4 times more likely to be killed than the driver of the truck. Studies also show that in fatal car-truck crashes, the driver of the passenger vehicle is at fault in at least two-thirds of the incidents.

Drivers are urged to Be Truck Aware. Large trucks need extra room to stop and to turn, and have many blind spots. By driving safely and taking a few extra precautions around large trucks, passenger vehicle drivers can significantly reduce the risks of being involved in a serious crash.

Drivers who take unsafe actions around other vehicles not only endanger themselves and others, they risk being ticketed and fined. Police and Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement (CVSE) officers are out enforcing and will ticket drivers of both cars and trucks for failing to share the road and follow safe driving practices.

The Be Truck Aware Alliance includes Teamsters Local 31, the B.C. Trucking Association, Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement, ICBC, the Justice Institute of British Columbia, the RCMP, RoadSafetyBC, the Trucking Safety Council of British Columbia and WorkSafeBC.