The latest on local union changes

General membership meetings were held in Prince George, Kitimat, Kamloops and Kelowna in
September and October and a commitment has been made to the members to hold area meetings on an
ongoing basis.

Teamsters are working at the Rio Tinto Aluminum Smelter Upgrade Project in Kitimat and continued
growth in the northern area of the province over the next 10 years should provide opportunities to
increase our membership numbers.

Several staff members have been hired or changed positions. Mike Croy is now the vice-president.
Don Doerksen is the Construction Division Assistant.

Nine new business agents have been added to the team This has brought renewed energy and
enthusiasm and is evident in their work and the results they have achieved already.

Brother Keith Kennedy put off retirement to consult in the Kelowna office until September. Our
appreciation goes to Brother Kennedy for going the extra mile for the members.

Dispatcher John Hoare retired this fall. His successor will be announced in the near future.

One of the big challenges that our local union faces is in the area of training in heavy construction
(i.e. rock trucks). Brother Michael Evans, the Joint Training School coordinator, is making every effort
to find resources to help members become recognized as experts in their trades.

On a technical note, the local union’s Dues Office systems are being upgraded to meet the needs of the
21st Century and beyond. This upgrade will allow better communication with employers and be more
efficient in regard to dues management.

From all the staff of Teamsters Local 213, we wish you and your family a peaceful and happy holiday