Agreement reached on Site C

The BC Building Trades and BC Hydro have reached an agreement on the Site C Energy Project that will see stability and a mix of labour representation that includes building trades unions. The framework allows the project to operate as a managed open site that includes participation from union and non-union workers as well as independent and First Nations contractors.

“The agreement represents a compromise and reflects the desire of our members to work on the project at union wages and benefits while also respecting the mixed-site model of the employer,” said Tom Sigurdson, executive director of the BC Building Trades. “I am sure that we can get through the next steps and ensure this critical project will be built to the highest standards by British Columbians.”

Jessica McDonald, President and CEO, BC Hydro, said, “This agreement ensures workers from all labour groups can build Site C together and paves the way for the labour stability that I believe British Columbians want as we undertake building the largest hydroelectric project in a generation. It allows for a managed open site and also takes important steps to ensure the BC Building Trades unions will take part in the construction along with all other B.C. workers.”

BC Hydro has agreed to place greater weight on bids with a mix of labour representation that includes building trades unions.

The BC Building Trades unions have waived the practice of signing Project Labour Agreements which restrict other non-affiliated organizations from working on site and the two parties have agreed to no strike, no lockout, and no raiding provisions, and no organizing on the main civil works component of the project.

The first test of the framework will come shortly as companies prepare to bid on the civil work, the largest section of the work on the dam involving extensive earth moving and clearing.