Local 362 refresher course dates

Members of Teamsters Local 213 working in Alberta are now required to renew their mandatory courses every three years. To that end, Local 362 has created a one-day “refresher” program which is being offered in Edmonton. (See dates below.) Size, Mass and Load Securement; Hours of Service; and Commercial Vehicle Inspection are covered in the one-day session.

The Professional Driver Improvement Course (PDIC) is another one-day session but please remember that Local 213 members can renew this course online. Just contact the Training Plan Coordinator.

You will also note there are full courses running on June 23, 24, 25 and 26.

To register for any of these courses contact Amiee at 1-780-455-2255.

Upcoming dates for Edmonton courses

PDIC – June 11
Refresher – June 12

Refresher – June 22
PDIC – June 23
Hours of Service – June 24
Size, Mass, and Load Securement – June 25
Commercial Vehicle Inspection – June 26

PDIC – July 9
Refresher – July 10 

PDIC – August 27
Refresher – August 28

For further information please email the Training Plan Coordinator or call 604-874-3654.