CKF Inc. invests in BC manufacturing facility transitions and equipment for planned growth

CKFCKF Inc. invests in BC manufacturing facility transitions and equipment for planned growth

(March 12, 2024. Hantsport, NS) CKF Inc. is pleased to announce its investment in transitioning the manufacturing operations of its rPET facility in Delta, BC and the CKF Packright rPET facility with the sister company CKF foam manufacturing facility in Langley, BC., creating an rPET Centre of Excellence – West. The Packright facility is located near the CKF facility in Langley.

Over the course of the next 12-14 months, the full teams of both operations will move, along with the existing major production equipment, to the CKF Langley facility.

To support this transformation, additional investment will be made in rPET production capacity to be installed at CKF Langley in approximately May of this year.

All hourly and salaried employees of the CKF Delta facility, along with the facility’s manufacturing equipment, will move in approximately September – October of this year (2024). All hourly and salaried employees and manufacturing equipment at the CKF Packright facility will then integrate in approximately April – June of 2025. The combined CKF Langley facilities will employ approximately 300 hourly and salaried people.

“Once the transition is complete, the company will have invested significant additional funds in move logistics related to this transformation,” says Ian Anderson, President, CKF. “Langley will be producing a full range of thermoformed rPET products, ensuring the company continues to meet the growing needs of its customers,” he says. As enhanced regulations and customer needs around single use plastics shift, this move also ensures the company continues to grow competitively to meet market demand.

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