IKEA proposes major Richmond store expansion


IKEA is considering growing its retail operations in Metro Vancouver by significantly expanding its Richmond store. The Richmond location is unionized and has approximately 276 local 213 members. The company recently submitted a development permit application to the municipal government to seamless perform a major building expansion of the existing building at 3320 Jacombs Road. … Read More

Our brothers and sisters at Remple Bros. Concrete are on strike

On Strike

UPDATE – Sept. 1, 2022

Safety and freedom to choose overtime work were at the heart of the grueling strike by Teamsters Local 213 members at Rempel Bros. Concrete facilities across the Lower Mainland. But despite some concerns, the overall results are being celebrated as a victory…. Read More

Teamsters – Thanks for all professional drivers for your hard work

local union news

Thanks for all professional drivers for your hard work. A number of Canadian truckers have planned a massive convoy with hopes of ending a mandatory vaccine mandate that was put into place across the country recently. As of Saturday, Canadian truckers must be fully vaccinated if they want to avoid quarantine and pre−arrival molecular tests … Read More

The Teamsters support Bill C-3


The Teamsters Union supports the Trudeau government’s plan to offer 10 days of paid sick leave to all workers in federally regulated sectors. By amending the Labour Code, Bill C-3 would extend paid sick leave to workers from both the public and private sectors. Teamsters Canada and its local unions represent tens of thousands of … Read More

Vaccination becomes mandatory in the Federal Sector in Canada

“Our representatives with the federal government will be attending meetings over the next few days to obtain all the details that concern our members.” François Laporte, President of Teamsters Canada Laval, October 6, 2021 – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today that, in addition to federal public sector workers, airline, railway and marine employees will … Read More

Stop the Conservatives’ Bill C-377

Unions across the country are launching an all-out effort to stop Bill C-377. See the video The bill will severely and negatively affect labour unions because: 1) it will greatly increase the time, effort and expense to labour unions, their officers and employees to comply with the onerous regulations, and 2) the information gleaned from … Read More

Local 213 and Sun-Rype sign 8-year agreement

The 200 Teamster members at Sun-Rype in Kelowna have something in common with the referees of the NFL. Employers presented both with proposals for eight-year contracts. Local 213 Business Agent Kimm Davis said we might be seeing more long-term agreements because “companies are looking for long-term labour commitments and unions want security for their members.” … Read More