Teamster women are helping shape the future

By Anita Dawson, Business Representative

This year’s Teamsters Women’s Conference was held in Montreal. It was only the second time this conference has been held north of the border. Local 213 was proudly represented by five delegates: Tracy Leo (CKF Inc.), Anna Rematore (IKEA), Michelle Ryborg (UAP Napa), Shawna Rydall (West K Concrete) and me.

The conference was extremely well attended with over 1,200 members registered. Over the course of three days, speakers talked about issues—not only in the workplace, but in our communities as well. There were presentations on social issues like how to better address domestic violence, what we can do to identify and support women at risk and how to encourage more community support for causes such as breast cancer research.

Much attention was given to the political climate and what the future could bring for workers and labour in Canada and the United States—not only with the recent Canadian federal election, but also the upcoming 2020 U.S. election.

“Teamster’s Women—Shaping the Future” was a rallying theme for the conference as delegates listened, participated in discussions and brainstormed ideas on all aspects of how women can positively and meaningfully influence their workplaces and communities. The Local 213 delegates were inspired and enjoyed the camaraderie with union sisters from all over North America.